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About our roof repair services

Whether it’s time for major work or you’ve noticed a single broken slate, no job is too big or small for us.

The Apex Roofing & Scaffolding team are contractors on everything from flat felt, GRP, Lead roofs, to concrete, clay or slate pitched roofs. We’re experts in traditional properties, from Victorian terraces to village churches, but we’ll happily repair any kind of domestic or commercial roof. And as we’re scaffolders, we can handle safe access too.

When there’s a problem, could be one of many things, even, ‘rogues in the roof’ – squirrels or birds making a mess, causing damage and introducing parasites.

Or your leak could be caused by storm damage, moss building up on the roof and even condensation. We offer emergency roof repairs to make things good again.


Proper maintenance can extend the life of your roof. We offer a yearly roof check to keep yours in top shape. We clear gutters, gulleys and downpipes of debris from birds and trees, check whether any clay tiles are crumbling or slates are slipping, and make sure fascias and soffits are in good condition.

All roofs need replacing eventually. A new roof not only keeps your home or business secure, it can add to its value. But it’s a big undertaking, so you need to be confident that your contractor is committed to working quickly and safely.


Frequently asked questions

What should I do if I think I have a roof leak?

Firstly, look after your electrics. Turn off lights and wall sockets at your fuse box.
Check it’s actually a leaky roof, not a water pipe in the attic. Then get in touch.
Sometimes, surprising as it might sound, the problem is actually not a leak at all but  condensation that has built up under the roof because of poor insulation. This is a particular problem on north-facing roofs in the winter. Better insulation and ventilation solves the issue, and we can do both for you. So, even if you can’t identify the source of the leak, we may still be able to help.

Should I remove moss on my roof?

Moss can build up on north elevations if the pitch is not steep and run-off is too slow. The moss can freeze in the winter and blow the tiles. If you see moss on your roof it’s important to get it removed. When the time comes to repair or replace the roof, ensure your roofer picks one of the more moss-resistant tiles on the market.

Can I reuse slates?

Yes, slates can sometimes be re-used on old properties

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