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About our New Roof Services

Need a new pitched or flat roof for your house or garage? A tiled roof on your extension to match your current roof? Responsible for a heritage property that needs wholly or partially re-roofing?

As a roofing and scaffolding company, we can offer the complete service. We can even carry out associated carpentry or install Velux windows.

Specialising in older properties we work with all pitched roof materials including clay tiles, slate tiles and concrete tiles.

We understand that you want to know where you stand, so quote a fixed price, including any scaffolding needed.

We can advise on any building regulation application requirements, and new work comes with a 10 year guarantee.


Frequently asked questions

When will my roof need replacing?

That depends on the type of roof. Felt roofs and fibreglass roofs (commonly found on garages, dormers and small roofs) typically last 25 to 30 years. Pitched roofs last longer – anything from 50 to 80 years for concrete tiles and clay tiles, or up to 100 years for slate tiles.

Good maintenance helps get the most out of your existing roof. Why not take advantage of our roof check service?

How much does it cost to replace a roof?

A good guide is around £60 to £100 per square metre. Replacing a felt roof on a garage should only cost around £1,000, while replacing a slate roof on a detached home is likely to be in the order of £10,000.

We offer a free, no obligation quote so get in touch.

Can you fit a new roof in the rain?

Roofers can’t work in the rain. We’re careful not to strip off too much of the old roof at any time as once we open a roof we need to cover it back in with felt and baton.

Because covering the roof over at the end of each day can be time consuming, it can be quicker to erect a temporary roof scaffold for major works. That way the project is weather tight the whole way through.

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