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About our chimney repair services

Problems with your chimney can have serious consequences.

Unsound chimney pots can become insecure and could even topple in high winds, causing damage to your home or business, and potentially injuring passers-by. If you have an older property, it’s particularly important to check flaunching as the lime mortar used in the past tends to crack, allowing water to get in and weaken the bond of the chimney pot.



Apex Roofing & Scaffolding can repair cracks in lime or cement mortar, repointing brickwork, replace broken chimney pots and re-build your chimney matching any new bricks in with the old.

We also install chimney capping and cowls.


Frequently asked questions

How long does chimney mortar last?

It depends on the mortar used, and quality of bricks.
Once mortar deteriorates frost and rain water break open exposed joints in brickwork and top flaunching, destabilising the chimney structure.
Plants can often be seen growing out of chimneys which is a sign of mortar breakdown.

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